Fire Fighting System

As the HP (High Pressure) Pump System is required for places which require high pressure i.e. high altitude –in our case, boiler house area- implementing HP Pump at low altitude areas will not only damage the equipment, but also bursting the piping as well.

Yet don’t you wonder, how can a high pressure “pump” such as a giraffe’s heart, which needs to pump up blood up into its brain, yet the giraffe still can lay down its head to drink, without bursting out its brain or neck due to high pressure?




The answer is –I was told- the giraffe’s neck has some sort of muscle which acts as a valve and controls i.e. decreasing the hearts pressure each time its head reaches low altitude (bending down) for a drink. Amazing, isn’t it, how God’s engineering work! Astonishing, isn’t it, how God’s engineering inspired human engineering? Un-comparable, isn’t it, God’s engineering compared to the best of human engineering, e.g. how human pump –the heart- operates without creating vibration to the body, compared to human made pumps?


Truly, God –who ever we believe he is, whether Muslim’s belief or Christian’s belief or Buddha etc.-  as the “designer”, “manufacturer” and most important of all, the “Owner” of the human body and the whole world, in fact life itself, should be holy right whenever He (God) designs a system. Hence, following God’s system, is the way to happiness. No defects. Not even any RoR comment can be done, when talk comes to how God “engineered” the world.  Praise to him, we are so tiny compared to Him.


I understand that fire fighting system is so critical to a place/ equipment, because it is a savior to any chaos or problems which might occur. Similarly, using that as an analogy to life, our society is now “under fire”. Fire in terms of adultery. Fire in terms of rape. Fire in terms of increase in the number of illegitimate child. Fire which is damaging our society, bringing us into even more chaos and all sorts of crime which originated from these “fire”. Hence, what should be its fire fighting system?


That’s why; we should always remember that God’s system is the “fire fighting system” for all these “fires”. Try look at what God said, he said “nor come nigh to adultery”. He didn’t say “do not commit adultery, but even come nigh/near to it, don’t you ever. God’s system is always “prevention is better than cure”, that is way adultery is forbidden, so that it will not result in HIV spreading, or problem illegitimate child due to psychological misery suffered due to their unclear hereditarily. That is why women’s clothing is set up a guideline such as not to wear sexy cloths, to avoid rape spreading and breading in the society. That is why a man should respect a woman and a woman should respect a man, so that no husband will cheat on his wife and a wife will have an affair on his husband, a spouse will not get divorce due to jealousy created by no understanding from a spouse towards his/her pairs feeling, etc. etc.


“Nor come nigh to adultery: for it is a shameful (deed) and an evil, opening the road (to other evils).”

(Quran Chapter 17:verse 32)



Dear Miss Sharon Tan,

As I would like to thank you for the training you have given to us yesterday –as the saying goes; “even if he thought you only a word, he is therefore your teacher”- I would also like to apologize to when when I didn’t greet your hand for a handshake as we departed. It was not an action of disrespect, rather a “fire fighting system” which I talked about above, which I believe can save not just a woman-man relationship, but also the entire society.

As a Muslim, we are thought by our Prophet to respect human beings, especially woman. Until, when one of his companions asked him to whom we should give our love, respect and honour to, the Prophet replied; “to your mother”. The companion added, “and then who?” the Prophet replied again “your mother!”, and then the companion asked “and then who?” the Prophet replied “your mother!”, and the companion asked again “and then who?” and the Prophet answered “your father!” This means the status of a woman in Islam is highly respected, until our top respect, love and loyalty should go to our mother, mother, mother and then only our father. Meaning a woman is 3 times greater than a man! Huge respect indeed!

Also, we believe that all women are noble and sacred persons. In Christianity for example, the nuns are the ones who are placed at a noble and sacred position, until they have their own special “sacred clothes”, and they live in a special place far from men because their nobleness and pureness in guarded from ever be seen by a man. Such much similar, Islam also believes that all of our woman should be noble and sacred people, until all Muslim women should wear the “sacred clothes” (if you look at a true Muslim woman’s dress, isn’t it quite similar to a nun? See how Islam place their woman in a very high position similar to Christian place their most noble woman which are nuns), also they should always take care of their selves from men. Therefore, in doing so, a Muslim woman should only be touch by her husband or her family. That is why I didn’t shake hands with you.

We believe your beautiful, noble and glorious hands should only be “authorized” to the best person, and that should be your husband. If you have a car, a brand new Mercedes for instance, surely you would not let anybody use and drive your car except for certain persons like your husband and family. Now then, we believe that your honour and dignity is far more precious than a Mercedes car. Therefore, if a Mercedes can only be used by authorized persons, far surely your beautiful and lovely hands should only be touch by your love ones. That is an honour I am giving you, my fullest respect in regarding yourself, and any other woman as respected and priceless women, who can only be relish by a husband. This “fire fighting system”, is what I talked about the proper prevention that can save a couple’s marriage which can be force down the drain due to jealousy, etc. etc.

With this explanation, I hope I have clarified what happen yesterday, and hopefully you will not be upset by my actions. My actions are an act of respectfulness to you, so hopefully you would not see it the other way.

Send my warmest regards to your family and your helpful colleagues. Thank you again for your hospitality.



Thank you.


“The believers, in their love, mercy, and kindness to one another are like a body: if any part of it is ill, the whole body shares its sleeplessness and fever” -Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.)


Best Regards,

Faridul Farhan Abd Wahab

Senior Engineer

(emailed on 22nd May 2008)







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One Response to Fire Fighting System

  1. jambu batu berkata:

    “Jadilah seperti pohon, semakin dahannya dicantas, semakin galak ia bertunas..” Teruskan menulis dengan idea2 yg segar malar hijau..peace:-)

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